Well equipped, advance teaching technology method. Fun and learn include Indore and outdoor activity-based methods.

Self Practice and special attention for every kid and their overall development making them self-dependent not only in their studies but other curriculum activities, so that their IQ can be sharpened. Teaching will include dressing dining manners communication skills, writing skills, pronunciation skills, Indian culture & heritage values. The school has bright well-equipped classrooms.

As you will read in our school literature that we will at times put the needs of your child as our first priority and to this end we have an open door policy for parents and perspective of parents. So, if you would like to speak to us on any matter regarding our various school policies and procedures or about enrollment please simply call or email at any time and an appointment will be organized at your convenience.


Qualified & experienced teaching staff with all new teaching technique & methodology. Trained teaching staff who are the second mother to child. The school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:15.


Teaching by play method, Surprise exam, Special effort for English speaking, Books and CD Library, Digital room,Sketch room.


These School activities are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, and provide the opportunity to learn at the same time. Boost shape recognition with this matching game where your child will pair up. Games and activities are more in school.

Best Convent Education

Vijaya Convent fuses the strong cultural and fundamentals of Indian society with advanced learning tools acquired for giving education an exciting and dynamic direction. We impart to build new heights in learners in making them a responsible, global citizen through a widely accepted curriculum. We strongly believe that each and every child in Vijaya Convent will grow into a champion.

Our school is affiliated to ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’ (CBSE) and follows the pattern of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE) to enhance the competencies of learners. It is now one of the top CBSE schools in Amravati which definitely follows the CBSE pattern at an international level to give our students a standard height of education.

We aim to develop and nurture children with a fun learning technique of studying with respect to CBSE pattern international teaching methodology and provide them a safe and stimulating environment with high-quality education and child care.

Vijaya Convent Talent Hunt Examination

There are currently several external exams that our students can appear for right from the Primary section. We encourage the students to appear for these exams and help in the required procedure. We are aware of the information we send to the parents regarding the list of exams and take necessary efforts. The parents are requested to approach school authority in case of (State Scholarship Exams). The Vijaya talent hunt exams are like the positive push for the students towards excellence. It is the reward which keeps your child going towards goals. Below is the comprehensive list of some available exams in our school. It may not be exhaustive it only focuses on academics and covers most standard examinations.

Other Different Features

It’s not your way, it’s not our way… it’s a better way!

  • Our innovative Environment
  • Education starts with excellence as well as moral values with desirable and cultural awareness.
  • Complete construction bylaws of CBSE.
  • Fun Learning and Technological Methodology.
  • High academic attainments.
  • Learning programs based on student’s individual needs.
  • Stress free and eco-friendly environment.
  • Counseling Cell for Parents, Teacher,  Students.
  • Digital interactive classrooms.
  • Math Lab, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Dance Room, Music Room, Sketch Room, Toy Room, Creative Lab, Books/Video Library.
  • State of Arts Infrastructure with spacious and well equipped theme based classrooms with advance teaching techniques and methodologies.


  • Huge playground with sports equipment.
  • Indoor Games such as Chess, Table-tennis & Carom.
  • Ample space and ongoing sports such as Basketball Court, Volleyball, Football Court, Running Track, Skating Track, Badminton, Archery.


  • Extempore on current affairs.
  • Primary & Pre-Primary School.
  • Teaching by Fun Learning Method.
  • One month, one book Pattern.
  • Parental Counseling.
  • Activity-based learning with theory, practical and technical skills.
  • CCE (Continues and Comprehensive Evaluation) System Pattern as per CBSE Board.
  • Teaching includes Dressing/Table Manners, Communication Skills, Pronunciation enhancement, Indian Culture, and heritage values and discipline.

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