Facilities Offered

At Vijaya Convent/ Vijaya School for Excellence, we have a quality assurance mechanism for academic facilities as we are concerned with the fundamental skills of learning socially and developing young minds to think and question.

Learning and encouragement includes :

  • CBSE Curriculum with CCE system as per board.
  • Smart classrooms with CCTV surveillance all over the campus.
  • Behavioral programs for the students.
  • Subject Laboratories
  • Digital learning educational pattern.
  • Safe transport system facility.
  • Fundamental skills training.
  • First aid facility in case of any emergency.
  • Well stocked library.
  • Social activities/ Excursions/ Picnics.


Subjects Offered

Pre primary (Nursery, Kg1, Kg2) – English/ Maths/ Phonetics/ General Awareness/ Maths/ Hindi/ Life Skills/ Montessori

1st to 4th – English Literature/ English Grammar/ Spellz/ Maths/ General Knowledge/ EVS/ Marathi/ Hindi/ Lets Explore (EVS Based Activities) / Art studio/ Craft Studio/  Dance/ drama/ Sports

5th to 8th  – English Literature/ English Grammar/ Spellz/ Maths/ Science/ General Knowledge/ Marathi/ Hindi/ Lets Explore / History / Geography/ Political science / Robotics/ Know the World Better/ Art studio/ Craft Studio/  Dance/ drama/ Sports.


Mathematics Laboratory :

Students learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. It provides an opportunity to students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the Maths subject.

Earth laboratory :

Some of the concepts where imagination is difficult are taught with the help of models. The lab breaks monotony in teaching and learning History, Geography and Political Science. It facilitates learning for a student through videos, globe, models etc. displayed in the lab about geography, history and political science.

Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratory :

Science laboratory is well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Well-qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a planned schedule of practical classes. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care off.

Computer laboratory:

A computer laboratory is important to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. We have built a good and practical computer lab that makes students interesting and enthusiastic about technology and science. It helps our students to invest their free time in learning programming, automation and to improve basic computer skills.

Robotics & Electronics Laboratory:

Robotic and electronic lab mixes the creativity and curiosity of young students with the hands-on education aspects of Science & Technology. With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, our learning methodology takes up innovative and challenging ideas and converts them in to solutions in the form of working robots or engaging electronic experiments.