Well equipped school with advance teaching method. Fun and learn method includes Indoor and outdoor activity based learning.

Self Practice and special attention for every kid and their overall development makes them self-dependent, not only in their studies but in other curriculum activities as well, so that their IQ can be sharpened. Teaching will include dressing & dining manners, communication skills, writing skills, pronunciation skills, Indian culture & heritage values etc. 

We are always there to help parents with their queries. So, if you would like to speak to us on any matter regarding our various school policies and procedures or about enrollment, please simply call or email us at any time and an appointment will be organized as per your convenience.

Our Yearly Events

  • Flyers – A break from studies is the right of every student which psychologically develops an active mind set of students and gives them a fresh start in academics. “Flyers” is a venture to develop physical and mental strength of our students by participating in multi sports activities. Flyers conduct mind development games with pure motive of creating change on and off the field. Our mission is to enhance the lives of students in the need through various sports which we practice. We are making efforts and encouraging our students to fly across worldwide to perform sports through flyers.
  • Prayas – Prayas is an venture that can help struggling learners share up their basic skills. We take efforts not only on our students but also on the children of society who are not able to get education and are lacking behind. This supports for the weaker section can help children catch up on their peers. and sometimes, if a student. Gaps in the learning at school (aren’t related to disability), it can eliminate the need for referral to remedial education.
  • Einstein Meet – One of the most attractive events for students looking to showcase their projects and ideas is Einstein Meet. We, as a multipurpose Society organize such events as we understand that mind of every students works faster than Jet planes. The curiosity level and the enthusiasm to learn is commendable. Hence, it is our responsibility to give a positive direction to the remarkable curiosity of the students and help them dive deeply into the ocean of learning. Also, robotics is a simpler method of learning as compared to other nontechnical or unskilled learning format. Robotics is easier to understand and more tangible introduction to programming. Students learn the skill need to create precise and accurate instructions about the electronics and have fun while learning valuable lessons. Students are provided with opportunities to discover any interest and talents that they may have in the corporate market . Vijaya believes that ‘Einstein Meet’ is a wonderful tool that engage its students in learning new facts and invention with a zeal of interest.
  • Cyclothone- In the society, people face many health problems. So, to spread the health awareness, We organize cycle rally every year. We urge the society to go eco friendly at least for a day in a week and so we follow the same. The cycle rally is named as the “Cyclothone”, which has the motive of spreading awareness about the “Prakruti”- (Heath/ Environment) in the society.
  • Business Bazaar –  As entrepreneurship can and should promote economic opportunities it can serve as an agent of social justice. Therefore to inculcate such kind of education within the pupils, we, as a multipurpose society organize Business Bazaar. The motive behind this is to raise every students and provide them knowledge so it help them overcome from all socioeconomic background as this educates them to think outside the box and nurture unconventional talents and skills.
  • Valan – We prognosticate the need of the future and hence has the outshine Valan incorporates within its students its leadership skills required for better foundation of the future by taking interest in various social welfare activities and events like :
    1. Old-age Home visits.
    2. Food donation Campaigns.
    3. The Plantation Drives.
    4. Health Awareness Seminars.
    5. Cleanliness Drive.
    6. Cloth Donation Campaign.
    7. Education To poor.
    8. Consultation of stress management to students.
    9. Girls safety awareness campaign.
    10. Ban on Plastic Awareness Campaign.
    11. Educational Excursions for Students.

Cultural Activities

The real purpose of cultural education is to add great values in leaders of tomorrow. Different traditions and cultures can teach many important lessons of life that your children will surely benefit from.

It multiplies the joy of togetherness and allows them to bond and share the beauty of every festival.

It beautifully communicates the differences and similarities of a vast number of communities, allowing children to appreciate and celebrate the same. These experiences teach children to embrace differences and grow into becoming responsible global citizens that respects all religions and regions

Janmashtami Celebration, Ganpati Celebration, Diwali Celebration, Grand Parents Day Celebration, Annual Day Celebration, Teacher’s Day Celebration, Indian festival celebration etc.


Qualified & experienced teaching staff with all new teaching techniques & methodology. Our trained teaching staff treat students as their child. The school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:15.


Teaching by play method, surprise exams, special effort for english speaking, books and CD Library, digital class-room, sketch room.


Our various school activities are able to bring a smile on your child’s face, and also provides the opportunity for learning. These activities boost the memory of your child. Games and activities are for learning & fun for the students in a school.

Best Convent Education

Vijaya Convent incorporates the strong cultural and fundamental values of Indian society in students. We impart to build new heights in learners and also making them a responsible, global citizen through a widely accepted curriculum. We strongly believe that each and every child in Vijaya Convent will grow and become a champion.

Our school is affiliated to ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’ (CBSE) and follows the pattern of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System (CCE) to enhance the competencies of learners. It is now one of the top CBSE schools in Amravati which definitely follows the CBSE pattern at an international level to give our students a standard education.

We aim to develop and nurture children with a fun learning technique of studying with respect to CBSE pattern and international teaching method. We also provide them a safe and stimulating environment with high-quality education and child care.

Talent Hunt Examination

There are several external exams that our students can appear for right from the Primary section. We encourage our students to appear for these exams and help them in the required procedure. We inform parents regarding the list of exams and take necessary efforts. The parents are requested to approach school authority regarding State Scholarship Exams. The Vijaya talent hunt exams are like a positive push for the students towards excellence. It is the reward which keeps your child going towards goals. Below is the comprehensive list of some available exams in our school. It may not be exhaustive it only focuses on academics and covers most standard examinations.

Other Different Features

It’s not your way, it’s not our way… it’s a better way!

  • Our innovative Environment
  • Education starts with excellence as well as moral values with desirable and cultural awareness.
  • Complete construction bylaws of CBSE.
  • Fun Learning and Technological Methodology.
  • High academic attainments.
  • Learning programs based on student’s individual needs.
  • Stress free and eco-friendly environment.
  • Counseling Cell for Parents, Teacher,  Students.
  • Digital interactive classrooms.
  • Math Lab, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Dance Room, Music Room, Sketch Room, Toy Room, Creative Lab, Books/Video Library.
  • State of Arts Infrastructure with spacious and well equipped theme based classrooms with advance teaching techniques and methodologies.


  • Extempore on current affairs.
  • Primary & Pre-Primary School.
  • Teaching by Fun Learning Method.
  • One month, one book Pattern.
  • Parental Counseling.
  • Activity-based learning with theory, practical and technical skills.
  • CCE (Continues and Comprehensive Evaluation) System Pattern as per CBSE Board.
  • Teaching includes Dressing/Table Manners, Communication Skills, Pronunciation enhancement, Indian Culture, and heritage values and discipline.


There are various games included as per the bye laws of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) out of which we conduct these following games –

List of Sports –

  • Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Roller Skating
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Archery
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Kabaddi
  • Chess
  • Rope Skipping
  • Gymnastic

Choice of the sports may vary as per the liking of students. Students can choose or play any kind of game which he or she is capable of handling along with the academics.

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